What the heck is a Doula?

So you’re like a midwife right? Not even close.

Most people are not very familiar with what a Doula does which leads to a lot of misinformation and confusion. I’ll admit, even when I went into my Doula training I was confused about what the heck a Doula actually does. The simple explanation is we provide “physical, emotional, and educational support.” However to say we only “do support” would do the profession no justice.

There are countless ways we support you, the infant, and occasionally your family from birth through the post-partum period. We support you, we want you to feel active during your birth and encouraged with parenting decisions. (Although we are not advocates.)

During your birth we offer physical relief through various comfort measures; from hip squeezes and massage, to trying to get the light in the room perfect, or not touching you at all if that’s what soothes you. We offer you positive affirmations as labor progresses to help foster confidence and self-assurance. We provide information that is being searched for to help you navigate the unpredictable birth process. For postpartum we offer you whatever is needed to help get through the day. We encourage your choices and affirm them. We do not judge we solely support in ways perfectly fit for you.

The main point is we are helping hands who are there to help ensure confidence when decisions are made, and extra hands when things run out of control. In the end it’s all about you.

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