What the heck is DISC?

DISC is a personality inventory that was created by Walter Clarke based off of a model created by William Moulton Marston in the 1920’s. Today it can be used to help improve relationships in your life, from professional to personal, and everything in between. It helps bring a new understanding to how you think and how you can alter your responses to help foster the important relationships in your life.

Also a fun fact: Marston created Wonder Woman in 1941, and she exhibits all of the behavioral styles of DISC.





The theory focuses on that we are all things DISC, just in different proportions. Oh your primary and secondary DISC depends on the situation and day. (If the fluidity of that bothers you, you might be a little C!)

For myself in my personal life I am a total S- I live to help and support my loved ones. While in a professional or working environment I am a total D– I need results and organization and I needed it 10 minutes ago. When I write or blog, a total and complete C, I need research and evidence before I can even think about writing about it. When I find something I’m passionate about, complete I– other than that I’m more mellow.

I’m not incredibly well versed in DISC, and there are a lot of people who dedicate a lot of time and brain space to studying it. I think its important because it teaches you to be what the other person needs during any given moment- and that is a valuable skill to have. 

Find out your DISC?

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