What the heck is Postpartum Hair Loss?


When you were pregnant you may been thrilled about your thick hair, only to deliver and shortly after to begin a shedding cycle rumbustious enough to compete with your family pet. This is 100% normal and expected, unfortunately. Luckily it’s temporary, and there are some tips to help you move through it.

First let’s talk about why it happens: Estrogen.

During pregnancy Estrogen levels increase to aid with fetal development, for you it puts your hair cycle on pause. The hair that is normally lost daily stays put until the postpartum period and can shedding can last a few days to up to 6 months.

Here are some tips to help keep your hair looking full:

  1. Visit your hairdresser– they may not know about how to accommodate postpartum hair loss, but they will be able to help make your thinner hairline look fuller.
  2. Try a new color– if you liked to treat yourself to a day at the salon before your pregnancy, but couldn’t because of the chemicals, this may be a good time to visit again. Talk to your hairdresser about what colors would accommodate your changing hair.
  3. Use volumizing products– I know during the postpartum period the idea of doing your hair daily seems outrageous; however if you are feeling self-conscious this could be the 5 minutes of self care you may want to prioritize. Run some volumizing mousse through your damp hair and if possible, blow dry it for a few minutes to get a more fuller look.
  4. Change the part– if you don’t have a lot of time or support you can try to just switch up where you part your hair. Typically side parts are flattering for thinning hair.
  5. Hair bands, bandanas, or my! Simple hair accessories can be a godsend to a new mom who has to be in 3 places at once; best of all they’ll help disguise the hair loss.

Simple tasks such as styling your hair or even just taking a quick shower can be difficult during the early postpartum period. This is why support is so important, someone to help so you can have a moment to breathe and feel like your needs important too. If you’re in a situation where your family and friends are not an option, a Doula could be of great value.



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