What the heck is Lochia?

Lets just dive right in.

Lochia is the bloody discharge that occurs during the first few days of the postpartum period and will last for a few weeks. It is completely normal although it can be very alarming. The discharge is made up of blood from where the placenta was attached to the uterine wall, the uterine lining, blood and mucus from your cervix, and dead tissues.

This can be a very alarming time, find out what to expect!

Typically this discharge will change from bright red, to pink or brown, then to white or yellowish.

It is recommended during this period of time that you avoid tampons and only use pads, since the cervix is still open. This phase during the postpartum period can be uncomfortable, especially after X hours of labor or a c-section. Yes, if you have a c-section this phase is still expected.

Although normal, there are some signs something may be amiss:

  1. Soaking a sanitary pad within 1 hour of laying down
    1. Small gushes when you get up after laying down are normal
  2. The discharge has a foul odor
  3. You pass a clot larger than a golf ball
    1. Clots are normal when they are much smaller
  4. You have a fever of 100.4° (38°C)
  5. Passing blood after the first 4 weeks


If you have any concerns or something feels wrong you can always go to the Emergency Room or your Doctor’s office just to make sure all is well.


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