What the heck does Breech mean?


A breech is when your baby is not in the “correct” birth position, meaning head downwards. A few weeks before your expected delivery date your care provider will determine the positioning of your baby.

There are three different types of breech positions:

  1. Complete Breech: this is where the baby’s butt is downwards, with their knees bent causing their feet to be near the butt.
  2. Frank Breech: this is where the baby’s butt is downwards toward the birth canal with their legs straight upwards in front of their body, causing their feet to be next you there head.
  3. Footling Breech: this is where the baby’s feet, or single foot, are farthest downward causing their feet to be birthed first.

AmericanPregnancy  has various methods people use to try and turn the baby:

  1. External Version: your care provider will administer a medication to relax the uterus and they will push on the abdomen in attempt to turn the baby into a correct position.
  2. Chiropractic Care: A Chiropractor can help you reduce the stress on your pelvis—which will in turn relax your uterus and ligaments.
  3. The Breech Tilt: On an empty stomach stack large firm pillows about 1 foot off the ground and elevate your hips.
  4. Music: Using headphones around the lower part of your abdomen play music or a recording of you talking to try and have the baby switch positions.
  5. Moxibustion: An acupuncturist will take a stick of dried herbs, most typically mugwort, and burn it near the your toes. It is done to try to make your baby more active.

Sometimes these methods do not work, and depending on the exact position of the baby, and how labor is progressing a C-section may become necessary. If you find out you are at high chance of needing a C-Section it may be a good idea to work through your birth plan to allow for this. Having a page for if a C-section becomes necessary is a good way for you to feel you are still in control of your birth—with a little flexibility.


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