What the heck are Braxton-Hicks Contractions?

These contractions can be a little worrisome for some women however they serve an important purpose; they are your uterine muscle “training” for delivery. You may feel these contractions about halfway through your pregnancy, however your uterus has been doing them for almost the whole time.

They usually last anywhere from 15 to 60 seconds long and as your delivery gets closer they will become more rhythmic and can get a little closer. However they do not produce a cervical change, and they do not become “longer, stronger, or closer together” as a labor contractions would.

If you find the contractions are annoying you, you can try to change the activity you are doing at the time the annoyance started. You can also make sure you are hydrated since dehydration can make them more prominent. Or just some simple deep breathing to help you release tension can help.

If you feel any concern or you are questions if what you are feeling are labor contractions you can start timing your contractions to see if they do become, “longer, stronger, and closer together.” If you still feel uneasy after timing a few you can always contact your care provider or Doula if you decided to hire one.


Source: ProDoula Labor Doula certification Workbook

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