What the heck is Amnioinfusion?


Amnioinfusion is when saline solution is pumped into your uterus after your bag of waters has broken. Seems a little counter-intuitive.

Why is this done?

  • Cushioning mainly. The amniotic fluid works as a shock absorber for your baby, so it decreases distress.
  • It can also be done if your baby passed meconium, adding the saline will dilute the amniotic fluid.


There are some drawbacks:

  • As you can imagine introducing anything to the uterus causes an infection risk.
  • Since the fluid is being pumped into the uterus in order for the fluid to stay you’ll need to stay pretty flat and still during and after the procedure.

The procedure can be repeated but the risk of infection is still present.

A possible alternative to Amnioinfusion would be to opt into having a C-section if there was fetal distress.

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