Breastfeeding Complications: What the heck is a Bleb?


A bleb, or also known as a milk blister, is a blocked duct that happens on the surface of your nipple. They are usually white or off white, firm and painful.

What does a bleb look like?

A little white spot on your nipple. You may feel discomfort even when not feeding, if clothes or anything rubs against it.

To treat this you can continue to nurse and usually your baby will suck hard enough to release the clog. Try to use warm compresses to help the bleb soften and the tissue around it relax. Then let your baby latch on. However in some cases the nippleski may grow over the bleb with will prevent your baby from removing the clog themselves. In this instance your care provider may need to lance the bleb for removal.

Risks of Blebs:

  • General discomfort
  • Decreased milk production due to the pain decreasing frequency of feedings

If you are continuously experiencing blebs it may be a good idea to reach out to a lactation counselor or lactation consultant who can help assess your latch.

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